What size screens do you have?

We have both Indoor and Outdoor screens at 6m.

We also have a 2m screens for Outdoor use only.

Do I need a Public Screening Licence?

For the purposes of copyright in Australia, a screening of a film outside the home is generally regarded as “in public”

Even if the organisation screening the film is a non-profit organisation (such as exhibitions in a church) permission from the copyright holder is still required.

Until the copyright owner or its licensed representative has given written permission, you are not authorised to conduct the public screening. You should not assume that permission will be granted as each decision is at the sole discretion of the copyright owner or its licensed representative.

We at Twilight Flicks Outdoor cinema can advise movies what movies are available for Public screening as well as arranging the licence and pricing.

Whats the cheapest movie licence?

Unfortunately we have no idea of pricing until licence has been requested. Licencing is done by external companies. Time of year, movie, audience size, all factor into costings.

What time will the movie start?

At Twilight Flicks Outdoor Cinema we use a projection based system for our screenings. This means the picture will not be of best quality till its dark. We always say give at least 20-30 minutes after the official time of sunset for your area. Sunset times can be looked up via Google.

What happens if its bad weather?

We have a weather policy in place for all our events.

Postponement at no extra cost can occur up to 2 days prior to event.

Postponement will incur a fee of 25% of our fee if less than 2 days notice.

If cancelled with notice will result in refund of licence only.

Once we leave our business base to attend an event and it is cancelled due to weather etc, there will be no refund.